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€7.6 million

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3.25 million

Social media followers

1.27 million

Product impressions per month

46.8 million

Accelerate your brand awareness with InStyle

The new “Shop-it” function enables users to shop inspirations on without having to leave the page. Products from different shops can be bought directly on with a fully integrated shopping basket and check-out.

Present your brand and your products in a premium, exclusive editorial environment: your products can be bought directly at – in articles, on overview pages and product lists.

Reach an affluent and enthusiastic shopping target group in a highly inspirational and desirable environment. With inStyle Shop-it you raise your brand awareness and create an extra digital touchpoint with the possibility of direct sales, where 2.6 million potential customers are looking for inspirations.

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Apply for a merchant account at Tipser. You can contact us with the form below.



By default your products will not be published to our entire network. Make sure your products and stock are available for the publishers you want.



When your account has been approved the Tipser network can start selling your products

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Questions we hear often

How does it work?
The shopping experience for our users is achieved with our partner Tipser ( When a consumer buys one of your products from InStyle, Tipser will buy the ordered product and transmit the order details, enabling you to dispatch the parcel to the customer via your logistics service provider.
What does it cost to sell on ?
Selling on via Tipser does not cost you anything and is absolutely risk-free: There are no monthly basic fees or setup costs. Instead of charging a cost-per-click, Tipser charges a cost-per-order (CPO) on all orders generated for a specific merchant. The CPO is a commission % on the total order value. In case of order returns, this sales commission is voided. All maintenance, payment, or first-line customer service costs are borne by Tipser. A connection to Tipser and is not linked to any minimum contract terms.
What are the commission rates?
We work with individual commission rates depending on range and product category.
I’m already a partner, how will this affect our current partnership?
The x Tipser partnership runs entirely separate from the regular business.

How does it work?

How does Tipser work?
The shopping solution is powered by Tipser. While users enjoy a superior customer experience by being able to checkout at point of inspiration, partner merchants are empowered to sell directly across , without any development from your end. This setup allows you to simultaneously increase your sales and acquire new customers.
What do I have to do as a merchant?
You just need to sign up to Tipser and agree to the commercial terms. Nothing else. Tipser’s Touchless Technology then validates your inventory (all the way down to stock availability) and makes it available for purchase on . Tipser powers the checkout, collects customer payments, and places the orders automatically and simultaneously on your e-commerce site, like any regular order. Moreover, Tipser syncs your standard shipping fees, minimum order value, free shipping above ratio etc. to mirror your conditions in .
Do I need any kind of integration with Tipser?
No, it's completely automatic. Tipsers Technology places the orders on your e-commerce site like a normal order. Therefore there is no need for any integration or tracking technology. However, if you prefer to integrate directly with Tipser via an API, that option is available as well.
How does Tipser technology work? In particular, how do you ensure that inventory levels are correct and up to date?
Tipser’s Touchless Technology mirrors your inventory automatically and ensures it’s up to date with your inventory, down to stock availability. If a customer wants to buy an item from you via one of sites, Tipser validates that the item is in stock and confirms the correct price before making it available for checkout. Tipser collects the customer payment for that particular order and transforms it into a virtual credit card. The virtual card and the order information are passed on to Tipser’s checkout bots which place the order automatically and simultaneously in your e-commerce and order management system (OMS).
Do I need any kind of agreement with Tipser?
Yes, you need to accept Tipser’s merchant terms as the provider of the checkout solution.
Does Tipser provide customer support?
Yes. Tipser operates its checkout as an end-to-end solution, meaning it collects the customers’ payments, places the orders with the merchants, and acts as first line customer support for all of customers who purchased any products via Tipser checkout.

Order management & shipping

Where do I see orders placed by customers?
You receive orders originating from like any regular order in your order management system (OMS).
How do order fulfillment notifications work? Do I need to send the customer an email?
Tipser automatically receives order status updates from you via the integration between Tipser and your shop. Tipser manages all communications towards the customer and will send out order confirmations, shipping confirmations etc.
What customer information do you pass to me to fulfill the order?
You receive the same information you would receive if the order was executed through the checkout process on your own site. Tipser provides the merchant with a full customer data set (PII) including name, email, phone number, address, order details and the value of the order. The email, as entered into the merchants own checkout will be masked for full traceability, but can at all times be matched with the actual email address of the customer by calling Tipsers API or by other means of safe data transfer.
How does the customer initiate a return?
All return inquiries should be directed to Tipser support who will reach out to your team to resolve the issue. If a customer for any reason contacts you directly or uses a return slip without notifying Tipser, please inform Tipser support as we need to be involved to make the final refund to the customer.
What is the refund process for return cases?
Once a merchant receives the return, the merchant initiates a refund through its own OMS. Whenever a customer cancels an order or returns a product, the payment flow is reversed: from the merchant to Tipser’s respective checkout payment provider (e.g. Klarna) to the customer. The flow is fully automated and the customer receives the refund in their account or a credit note to the invoice (if they paid with invoice) approximately 5–10 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated (at the merchant’s discretion).
What happens if an item that customer purchases is out of stock?
If the item shows as out of stock in the inventory, Tipser won't allow a sale. If the inventory count is inaccurate (the item is not available from the merchant anymore) and the customer has proceeded with the purchase via Tipser Checkout, Tipser automatically triggers a customer refund.
How does Tipser ensure that tax is calculated according to the merchant’s tax calculation in the United States of America?
Tipser will collect and remit tax on behalf of all merchants selling on the platform in accordance with the marketplace facilitator laws in states where this is applicable. On top of this, Tipser uses a third party service to collect Sales Tax down to house roof accuracy. The sales tax collected is available in all orders, which could also be used for reporting and reconciliation purposes if needed.

Post-transaction experience

How does Tipser notify a customer that an order has been placed?
Tipser sends an order placement notification email informing the customer that official order confirmation email and receipt will be sent by the merchant shortly.
Who sends email confirmation and email receipt to the customer?
Tipser sends an order placement notification email informing the customer that the merchant will follow up shortly with an order confirmation email and receipt (as per your standard order confirmation flow).
Where can customers look up their orders?
The customer can check the status of their order in the Tipser’s customer account administration interface. The navigation bar includes a tab that lists their order(s) and respective order number(s). Furthermore, the customer is notified about order status and delivery information via the order confirmation email.
What type of customer support does Tipser provide?
Tipser checkout first-line support is provided by Tipser. Whenever a customer wants to cancel an order, return an order and/or initiate a purchase protection claim (dispute), Tipser customer support routes the request to the respective merchant’s customer support service.
What happens in the event of a dispute between a merchant and a customer?
Whenever a customer reports an issue with a product to us, we will email you a description of the inquiry and help you navigate the issue. The merchant must then respond directly to the customer via that email. If the two parties are unable to resolve the issue, the customer can escalate that inquiry to Tipser and create a dispute claim.
How are merchants notified of customer support disputes?
Tipser sends the merchant an email notification once a customer creates a dispute claim. After reviewing the claim and making a decision, Tipser notifies the merchant of the decision via email. All emails are sent to the customer support email address you provided during onboarding.
How much time do I have to respond to a customer's dispute?
You have 2 business days from the receipt of Tipser’s initial inquiry to respond to the inquiry. We will send a reminder 3 business days after the original deadline and a final reminder after another 2 business days. The final reminder will give your 24 hours or else Tipser will review the claim and makes a decision.
How do you prevent customer fraud?
We closely monitor incoming purchases and have the ability to outright block or pend transactions we consider suspicious for further review. This occurs prior to the order being sent to the merchant for fulfillment. Furthermore fraud is dealt with on a case by case basis, however since Tipser is the merchant of record, Tipser will bear the risk of any fraud if the product is shipped before the fraud is detected.
What is the minimum return period I need to offer?
You must give customers at least 14 calendar days to return an item, which is the minimum return window as established by law.
As a merchant, how am I notified about refunds?
In the same fashion as per any regular order on your own site, since refunds are initiated by customers directly to you.
How do I protect myself from refund abuse? What type of documentation do I need to provide to prove my case?
Ensure that you respond quickly. Attempt to resolve any customer inquiries in a timely manner. Use shipping services that offer tracking and delivery confirmation. In your communications with Tipser, please state clearly why you believe you are not at fault and provide any supporting evidence to the customer that could substantiate your claim.
How many days does a customer have to submit a claim?
45 days from the date of delivery or estimated delivery.

Reporting, data & insights

How can I download my reports?
You log into your Tipser Merchant Dashboard and navigate to the reports tab to download your order reports. You can click on the create report button, select date, range, and type of report. The generated report includes information like transaction date, net amount, etc.
Customer data is vital for my business. Do I have access to customer data like email and phone number to use in my CRM? At what cadence is this data shared?
We share transaction information, phone and address once a customer purchases from you and the masked email address that can be matched vs an unmasked email via Tipsers API. After every successful Tipser checkout order is placed, that data is automatically accessible in your systems. Alternatively, you can access that data in your merchant dashboard. The information is downloadable in a csv file. Please note, that information is passed on for fulfillment purposes only.

However, merchants can ask customers for consent for further marketing initiatives after a transaction in an email, which is not a newsletter - this is a transactional email, which is perfectly legit to send as the customers have freely given their emails to be used by the merchant for delivery purposes. Unless merchants collect valid consent, you cannot use the customer data for other purposes than fulfilling the orders.

It is in the merchant's interest to use the said data for statistical purposes (given the processing is compliant with local law) and marketing. Marketing towards the subjects however is complex and restricted by GDPR, CCPA and other local laws.

It is Tipser's interpretation of the GDPR (to some extent more data-subject-protective than the CCPA for instance) that the “Legitimate Interest” is the key to whether or not the merchant can communicate with the data subject or not. Further it is Tipsers interpretation that there is no way of, as part of a transaction to solely collect the customers consent to sign up to a regular newsletter. It is Tipser's interpretation of the GDPR that the merchant is allowed to send out a transactional email, following the transaction, asking the customer to subscribe to their newsletter, and even send out a “you may also like” product in that email (once), but the merchant cannot automatically subscribe the subject to their newsletter less the subject intentionally opted in.
Do you share my customers’ data with other merchants?
No, we do not share one merchant’s identifiable customer data with any other merchants.
I have another question. Who can help me?
If you have any further questions about working specifically with BDG Shops, please contact your BDG Sales Representative or email

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